Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Monday, January 11, 2010

One of those days...

11:09pm...Tired...STILL in my PJ's (and its 11pm) no shower, (obviously) did I even brush my teeth today? can't is quiet - Praise God, kitchen is clean - finally! and coffee is on for bright and early! It was one of those days...and I don't like a "scattered" Monday, makes for a bad start. Awoke at 1am to a sick, fevered, congested child who was up half the night, out of coffee early and a fussy, fussy, needy 2 year old to boot. It snowed Gray and cold and we were stuck inside not that I really wanted to leave anyway, always big plans for the start of the week though...just wanted to keep it real over here! Since this is in fact my truthful account, I need to look back one day and remember the trying times as well as the good times too. Lots of other "little" annoyances happened today but I won't fixate, instead , I'll appreciate the "extra" cuddles and snuggles I got today and the reminder that I am these babies whole world and that they are my gifts! So, I'm off to take a hot shower, brush my teeth, drink a big glass of water and slather on lots of smell-good lotion, climb in my cozy bed with clean sheets and cozy-up to a man I am crazy about... and just thank God that I'll get another chance tomorrow to make it a good day.

Sweet dreams!


Susan said...

Been there...hope today is a better day for ya:))) My crew is starting to feel puny... hopefully it will pass.....

Maureen said...

Hope today was better! Those days come every now and then; thankfully, they end 24 hours later! Hope your sick one is better.

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