Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Friday, July 13, 2012

A Little Room Update

Campbell was lucky enough (along with my oldest Nephew, Jackson)to spend a week in Washington DC with Bryan's Mom and Dad - "Nana and Poppy". They went all out on this ground left uncovered, they did and saw it all. My FIL spent months plannng this trip sending the boys weekly "learning" assignemnts, historical info, all kinds of US History, etc...the trip is most definately a post all its own but we as a family were so happy to finally have Campbell back home. After DC he went back to NC to spend two more weeks of fun with family. Charlotte and Christian really missed him! SO, while he was away we decided to play...with his room! We surprised him with new bedding and a few fun accessories. He has had the same bedding since he was 2 and it is STILL in awesome shape and super cute but understandably was ready for a change! He also wanted to have some orange in his could I incorporate that but not go overboard? Especially since there is so much navy and red in the room already! PILLOWCASES! That was a fun compromise! We went pretty basic and traditional knowing we could change up accessories and colors as he grew some more. He loved the "spruce up" and it was fun to surprise him with it!


The Chevron pillows are my favorite - down filled and a steal at $17 each! but the best "accessory" was the adorable Welcome Home banner that sister and brother made and hung up right before Campbell rolled on home!

So happy to have all my babies home...happy, healthy, giggly and together!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Patriotic Pretties!

Just popping in to share some pics from our 4th of July decorations...The kids love when I decoate for any holiday! And, I do too! I just took them down yesterday...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

4th of July Brunch - 2011

Here are a few pictures from last year's 4th of July Brunch we hosted! For the life of me here, in Middle America, where Amber waves of Grain there no parade??!! That is just crazy to me - I grew up in a Village in the Chicago burbs and the 4th was a huge celebration...a Boat Regatta, a Firecracker 5K, a (almost 2 hour) parade down Main Street (where people would stake out spots up to two days ahead of time!) and then of course LOTS of after parade parties/brunches. At dusk the town (and neighboring towns too)descended upon the Lake with picnics and blankets to watch the magical fireworks...those are some of my very best childhood memories...truly how every child should grow-up. OK, I point is that I have tried to re-invent something on a smaller scale for my kids when we are here on the 4th. So I have done a brunch (with most of the same dishes my Mom always made for our brunches) and hosted a small neighborgood bike/wagon/scooter parade! It has been really fun - sometimes we have added a bounce house or big water slide, games, bubbles and chalk are always at the ready too! This year we are headed to the lake with instead we will get up, wtach Wimbelson with a Mimosa or two and relax before packing and leaving for Diamond Lake! Happy 4th Friends!

Mama's Texas Sheet Cake

I am busy feathering my nest for the 4th! I am also cooking and baking before a day at the lake with good friends tomorrow! It would not be a holiday around my house without my Mama's Texas Sheet Cake. She usually made two a chocolate and Vanilla! This is the one that I made for a Memorial Day party... I'll do something silmiliar with the littles help today! Love this Holiday!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Party Favors

The party favors were canvas bags...I painted each girl's initial on the bag...I also made a felt flower for each bag that I glued on...each bag was filled with an art journal and colored pencils! I hope each of the little girl's will spend time this summer "doodling" and exploring their creative side! The totes can be used for other things too, anything they want...which makes me happy!

The girls also brought home their painted canvas, their spin art creation and some treats from the sweet table...!

More pictures....

More Party Pics....

Charlotte's Party Pics

Playing around with blog layouts...I did not get all my pics uploaded so here are a few more to see...

Highlights included...painting canvases, Spin Art, Self Portraits, "Starving Artists" boxed lunches served with "Creative Juice"...the beautiful cake (not made by me btw :)) and fun with all her friends!

Art Party for our "masterpiece"...Charlotte!

Our sweet little girl turned 7! on Friday!  We celebrated with an Art Party from 11-1...the weather was great (hot!) and all the little girls had a good time.  Charlotte adores art - of any kind, I love that she is creative and "crafty" and uses her imagination constantly!  She gets alot of joy from painting and so this "theme" was an easy one...she and I had a great time planning it toget

her - for seven years old she has alot of creative ideas and a "vision"...I love it!  :)  The apple does not fall far from the tree, I guess!  Here a few of my favorite pics from the party...

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