Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bunny Brunch

Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday!  Filled with eggs and sunshine, friends and the Bunny...two Egg Hunts, my boys all donned in their Seersucker, my little girl in white with a big bow in her hair...all the flowers and trees are budding, birds are chirpping and life is just really sweet right much to be thankful for!  I love this time of year...the renewal and the promise of beauty right around the corner...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mom and Me

I wanted to post a picture of my Mom.  I am missing her today...I am praying that her health continues to improve and that her brain is healing every second of everyday.  The  picture is from a few weeks ago when I got to spend some time with her talking and was very special to both of us to have that opportunity!  I love you Mom!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Charlotte, Camryn, Ellie

Hello friends!  I am still date I believe this is the longest time I have been out of touch.  LIfe happened and as much as I love my blog I am afraid I love all of your blogs more...oh, and of course Pinterest!  I am SMITTEN with Pinterest and spend way too much time there! 

I won't go into all the sorted details but between both parents accident/illness last November and a very dear friend's daughters' diagnosis of Brain and Spinal Cancer (above) I have been in a sort of  sad, unhappy place - have not wanted to Blog!  I have needed and enjoyed visiting all my favs blogs all helped pass the sleepless nights in more ways than one.  So; thank you!  and that little friend who is battling Cancer is little Camryn (above, middle) she is pictured here with her little sis Ellie and Charlotte - last Summer at American Girl ...she needs lots of prayers as she battles this horrible disease!

So now, in the blink of an eye...I have an almost 5th grader, one almost done with Kindergarten and my little guy about done with his first year of preschool!  We are gearing up for Spring break trip to Florida (much needed! family trip) and then Summer will be staring us in the face...plans are already being made for camps, vacation and other  activities.  I also have a long list of house "to-dos"  that I am ready to tackle - excited for that...being at home and nesting and cleaning and organizing and decorating makes me so happy!

I hope to be back to blogging soon with lots of pictures and stories and updates...

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