Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Frames with Friends

Some girlfriends and I stayed up way too late a few weeks ago...we had a ball,of course!  We had decided to get together and do make picture frames as  Christmas gifts!

I love pictures and I love frames and I love "crafting" and making things...I have seen frames very similar in stores,mostly small shops for $35 and up...we knew we could do better than that!  Plus, I think its more meaningful when the gift comes from the heart!

Not the best pictures of the pictures:)  but you get the idea...
So fun to personalize with a "blingy" initial, a cross or an old brooch...we have been collecting lots of goodies and ribbons and frames to make a really fun gift!  :)

Blessings friends and family as we head towards Thanksgiving...I am bound and determined to have all of my shopping done by next week!  Wish me luck!!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baby Stella

My beautiful friend Gindy had a baby girl last night!

Stella Lee Weaver...

I am over the moon excited!  I love babies and I love Gindy and her sweet family - she did not find out ...boy or girl, so that make her news all the more exciting!

Gindy has wonderful style...we met through mutual friends years ago and we were kindred spirits from the get go...we love to shop and decorate and antique...
we love wine and good food and a great candle :)

So, in honor of she and baby Stella I wanted to show you a few quick pics I took on Halloween of her nursery...I just love how it turned out!

of course, these pics don't do it much justice but it is lots of neutral colors...with a silver-gray paint on the walls...all white linen bedding and lots of special, precious touches!

And now...she gets to throw in lots of pin:)

Her son Harper also has a handsome new "big boy" room...

See what I mean...?!  Great style....

This was Gindy (on the right obviously!  :))
Halloween passing out candy!...

Congrats sweet friends
 Gindy, Brian and Harper and Baby Stella...
so happy for you all!  We love you-

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


There are few things I love as much as Holidays....but prepping and planning and the anticipation is just as wonderful if not more so!

I love any reason to use my silver and old linens from both sides of our families...I love my white ironstone and brown and white transfer ware and the opportunity to set a beautiful table,prepare a special meal and "deck the halls"...

This was a Thanksgiving table from a few years ago...

(my little pilgrim girl!  )

 Do you spy what doesn't belong in this picture?!  :)

We always write a few things we are thankful for....this particular year we hung them on Kraft tags from the chandelier along with vintage Thanksgiving postcards I have....

Such a happy time of year!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Posterity Picture

Wanted to make sure I had a "Halloween Keepsake" on my blog....
a family picture of us all dressed-up!

Harry Potter, Friendly Witch (her black cat), Peyton Manning and his on field referee:)

Seems Like Halloween was now weeks ago...with Thanksgiving so close and Christmas right behind....I am excited and every year I swear I am going to squeeze every last second of Christmas fun out of the Holiday but yet I feel behind even before it has started...silly I know.

Less than 50 days....

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