Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Daddy Love

Rolling right along in tune with our school posts...:)

Our sweet Bryan (aka Daddy) was travelling for work on the kids very first day of school...we were all quite sad (esp. him) but it could not be helped so he did the sweetest thing...he found a precious cross necklace  made of pearls...Charlotte's birthstone!
This girl LOVES "pretties"...just like her Mama ;) and the fact that it was from her Daddy and a surprise, well she was just pleased as punch :)  it had the sweetest note he had written to each of them as meant so much to them..she has hardly taken it off and just beams with pride when she wears it...(and I should mention btw that Cam got the ND Football tee...just as important as any Cross in his book! Ha.).

here they are before heading out to Open House/Meet the Teachers...
Christian headed to a friend's to play...I was grateful for the time I had with each of them in their classes w/o having to chase my #3 all over the place...

Charlotte and her sweet, sweet teacher ...
( who also happens to be a good friend of mine :))

and Cam and his teacher Mrs.L..bad picture but it was all I had...
she has on a school shirt in this picture but she wears some of the loveliest outfits, heels and all...
she always looks so put together - I love that, I think it sets such a great example for our kids
so many professions have gone to "casual" wear
and it just seems
 to get more and more...well, (sloppy) casual!

Anyhoo, just one more reason I love our new school!
And, a bigger love is that of a daddy for his kids - I am beyond blessed to have such an amazing man to share this crazy journey of parenting with...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School Wreath

I LOVE a pretty wreath!  I love to change them out for every season and every occassion and I love to create something original!  I cannot believe what some of them cost at the stores...crazy!  I spent about $5.00 on this wreath when it was all said and done! version of "back to school" celebration!

Burlap, animal print flower, an apple, a brown crayon, a ruler (that light mass over there on the right...ugh!), mini chalkboards/banner with the names of the schools (preschool too of course ;) and some fun ribbon...thats it!

Monday, August 27, 2012

New Year, New Scool!

My kids started a new school this year - a Catholic school!  We are not Catholic (didn't matter) but this school is fabulous!  Every single thing (down to the toilet paper dispenser :)) is awesome, my kids LOVE it and to say that Bryan and I are THRILLED would be the understatement of the year!  The teachers and Principal and staff all have very big hearts and they are filled with HIS is evident in every aspect there! We have always loved the idea of Private school; more importantly a faith-based education.  I truly believe God lead us down a long, winding path and we arrived at the most beautiful place...not just physically but in our hearts and lives and within our family!  The last week has been emotionally draining (so many changes - that clearly I was more worried about than the kids ever were!) but really happy!  We feel very, very blessed to be part of this wonderful Christian education! 

God Bless uniforms....LOVE!

Another year of Preschool for this little guy with big, bright new kicks :)

Annual First day of School breakfast...


Homemade Cinnamon good, SO easy and way better then anything store bought:)

Hope you and yours are off to a great new school year/adventure!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kindergarten Program 20102

In old news....

I was so bad blogging this Spring that I wanted to go back and share some highlights ( for our blog book kiddos)...

We watched as Charlotte completed her first year of school as a Kindergartner!  She was named an "outstanding" reader by her teacher and we could not of been more proud of her!  Their year concluded with an all Kindergarten Musical and Program...super cute!  She played the letter Y and a sleepy child in one of their many skits they performed :)

A few days away

My honey and I flew the coop for a few days alone! That's right.... No kids that belong to us anywhere to be seen! The weather was rainy and cool for most of the trip but perfect for reading, relaxing and napping! We visited Saugatuck and Holland, MI and then off to Chicago for some shopping and to see 'Train' under the stars at Ravinia!

The Wickwood Inn in Saugatuck was out first stop.... So charming, great location and the food was amazing!

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Friday was so hot!  The perfect day to sell

Sales were great and a good time was had by all!

Just 2 weeks and 4 days til school starts....

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Little London Love

Hello All....

Hope your Summer has been wonderful - ours has been....but busy, busy.  Trying very hard to enjoy the last 20 days of Summer we have left before school starts.  We have been loving watching the Olympics together - as a family!!  This is sometimes hard with 3 kids all spread out in age who have different TV choices, whats appropriate, this is great...swimming and diving and of course the Gymnastics have been highlights.  I have a few fun things to share along the line of the  (crafts) but I saw this window in Ohio earlier this Summer while visiting friends and I fell in love...

Not the best picture but that pillow with the the London Soldiers...oh my, I just love it!

PS- McKenna (the Gymnast and AG Girl of the Year) is watching
all the Olympics action with us!

Go USA!!

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