Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Monday, January 25, 2010

Christian's Cut...

Christian's FIRST haircut...January 20, 2010

It always kills me to do it but it was time!
As I'd hoped, it is beginning to curl back up and is so blond, which is strange because Bryan and I are both dark haired.
Miranda cuts our whole family's hair and she does a great job - no "Hair Cuttery" for us -I am soo picky about my kid's hair - hair and pictures, I swear nothing stresses me out more...I should be tons of fun at Charlotte's wedding, ha! ha!
Anyway, Charlotte and Campbell had their do's done too and were a great help with their baby brother...the sucker was a huge help too!
After the round of haircuts it was off to the bowling alley to celebrate Campbell's 8th birthday!...more on that later!
So, Christain did great and it was bittersweet for me...all of his "firsts" are now my "lasts" and sometimes that is a hard pill for me to swallow!
I love you Christian!
and for you BLOGGER users...where did the spellcheck go?!


pink green & southern said...

What a big boy getting his first haircut!

Susan said...

A good haircut IS worth the money!! As for the spellcheck... I lost mine a while back when I changed something on the settings... but then I went back and changed back to the old setting...I can't remember what it is under though ... I will check and get back with ya:)) Oh ya I forgot to tell you I love your new blog look!

Maureen said...

Isn't he the sweetest thing. I cry over the first shoes. All of these milestones.... we're lucky mommies.

I wondered the same thing about spell check, but I think if there is a misspelled word it will be highlighted in the text.

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