Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Monday, January 23, 2012

Vintage Dumbo Party

A blogger friend Jessica mentioned Charlotte's Dumbo party dress on her cute blog today!  Thought it would be fun to share the original party post last July! And, when you get a chance, visit Jessica at

And a few more of the party dress and the birthday girl!  Thannks for visiting!

Monday, January 2, 2012

A Few Highlights

Wanted to post a few highlights from December. WOW!  Where did the month go...actually, I know where mine was spent between 2 states, 3 hospitals and 1 Mommy with a brain injury.  BALANCE and being JOYFUL have been hard this month but I had to try for the sake of my family, they deserve a "present" Mom!  Hopefully, as this year wraps, things with my family (My Mom/Dad) are on the upswing and I can find a place of peace and rest withing my soul...its been unsettled and things have been "noisy" for too long!  OK, enough of that...onto some highlights!

Our Church's Children's Christmas Program!
Charlotte and Christian sung in the Angelic Choir and Campbell was a Shepherd in the play!

Then it was onto our local grocery store/Starbucks where Charlotte and Campbell
played piano for shoppers...this is a big deal for Charlotte who get so nervous,
I was so proud of them both!

(It was freezing in there, hence the coat :))

and then it was Campbell's turn and my battery pics of his turn :(

 The  next weekend we headed to our Club for Brunch with Santa!

and...these are the only pics we got because Christian would not sit on Santa's lap...nor did he sing at the Church program (pictured above) ...oh well, he is a little stinker and I was fully prepared!

We celebrated Christian's 4th Birthday on December 6 (need to post those pics?!) and then we celebrated Campbell's 10th Birthday on December 22!
Per tradition we started the day early with gifts and breakfast and for the first time ever Campbell had school on his actual day!

The highlight was the Burton snowboard for sure!!!!

Like my blurry picture of the empty roller rink?!
We celebrated with a party for his whole class (and then some) at the roller was tons of fun but clearly my photography was lacking that night! :)

 Another highlight for the kids was seeing where I silly little Elf might appear...they love this little guy!

Many more highlights, this was only the first few weeks of December
but some favorite memories for sure!

Happy New Year!

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