Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Camp Week

Where does the time go?  Where has Summer gone?...I am so behind on blogging but have enjoyed being more "present" and in the moment this Summer instead.

It has been a busy few weeks around here...Campbell spent a week at Camp Tannadoonah with a group of 10! other buddies (they had one whole cabin to themselves)...he hiked, fished, swam, kayaked, cook over an open fire and won the Golden Arrow award for Archery (very distinguished I guess ;) ) memories are the best and more and more each year he grows a little bigger and falls more in love with his experience away from home. We miss him alot when he is gone, it is so quiet without him but we know he is having a blast and it gives us lots of quality time with Christian and Charlotte which is awesome too!  I managed to sneak in a little "playtime" with friends myself - boating and sitting in the sun, laughing and enjoying a yummy lunch, girlfriends are great for the Soul.  Other highlights included a night at a friends' lake house for dinner and boat rides, Charlotte did a week long ballet and art camp and Christian learned to swim all by himself without his "muscle" suit!  We are so proud of him!  I feel like my kids have grown leaps and bounds in just a few months!  Here are a few highlights from the week!

4th Summer at Camp Tannadoonah

Cabin Buddies...

The top bunk rules as well as the new Camp tshirt!

After a visit to the camp store...

Saying "goodbye" for the week...

Now its time for these kiddos to have some fun...
after dinner "cruise" on Birch Lake

Manicured tootsies :)

Bumper Boats

 With all our kids away at camp it was so much fun to get a group together
to have some of our own lake fun!

Our lovely hostess for the day as well as our boat driver!

Jumped off the top of the Pontoon boat and just floating...

Our best effort at a group was such a happy day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Loose Tooth

My baby girl has her FIRST  loose tooth and she is over the moon excited!
It actually started wiggling right before her 6th birthday party...she was sure you had to be 6 to lose a tooth ~  she is just too cute for words I tell ya! 
Everyday its just a little bit more "wiggly" and she waits patiently for her first visit from the tooth fairy!

I can't believe she is 6
I cant believe she is about to lose her 1st tooth
I can't believe that in 5 short weeks she will off to


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pinterest Help!

OK, so I am trying to get on the Pinterest "bandwagon"...Im finding it a tad confusing....hoping you can help!

I requested an says "thanks. youre on the list"...but then what?  How do I get an account?  It says once you get an email from them then you can sign in using Facebook or Twitter?  Well, when does the email come?  I cannot imagine it would take very long since I am sure thousands are requesting an invite by the minute...

Can you help?  Thanks....

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cirque de Charlotte

We celebrated Charlotte's 6th Birthday this weekend!  Does not seem possible...but her party was a wonderful celebration in honor of this most precious little girl!  I wish I could adequately and eloquently express how special this child is; she is just the light of our sweet and so kind and caring, she is so creative, her imagination is beautiful and unique! She originally told me right after returning from Disney in February that she wanted a "Dumbo" I started thinking how we could put a fun twist with the Dumbo idea...I decided on a vintage circus theme, Charlotte loved the idea and Cirque DE Charlotte was created!  200 pictures were taken at the party so I am sorting and editing but wanted to share just a few tonight!

Be back soon with more photo fun...

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