Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Friday, May 27, 2011

Schools out...Summers here!

Summer is officially here, well, one more day of school left.  But we have had tons of rain,chilly days and little sun!  With the yucky weather, a travelling husband and saying good-bye to a very dear friend who moved to Ohio, I have not felt much like blogging lately! Looks like the weather will turn around by Memorial Day though!  Cannot wait to sit by the pool with the sun on my face!

I feel very unprepared for Summer this year, I may just try and "wing it" with lots of swimming and the hopes that Christian being one year older might be "easier"...he can play outside w/ his brother and sis and just be that more independent!  We shall see -!

The last few weeks have been busy!  Preschool Graduation / Music performance, Field Day, Olympic Day, class parties and all the other day to day...we also had some work done in our family room after some Winter water looks beautiful!  So fresh and light and calm and I can't wait to share pictures of everything!  Soon, I hope.  I am also in full swing planning Charlotte's 6th Birthday party...she has requested a "Dumbo" party (on the cusp of returning from Disney!), but we also decided to put a vintage circus twist to it...soft grays, pinks and yellows.  It is going to be so fun, cant wait to share the ideas with you!

I came across an adorable summer activity printable today that I wanted to share!  I plan to frame this in an oversized, white distressed frame and refer to it for lots of fun ideas! I also printed a few extras out and want to give to friends with a bottle of lemonade  and plate of cookies as a "Happy Summer" treat!

Take a look and share the Summer the love...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Girly Tea

I had the honor of hostessing a table at our Church's first "Intergenerational Tea"...It was so much fun to bring so many women together in friendship and fellowship on a rainy, cool Saturday!  I loved using my grandmother's china, beautiful linens and silver!  I was channeling my Mom back home who taught me to love flowers at a very young age - although she has mad skills...I just try and emulate her!  Fussing over flowers, table settings, and finding the right "favor" is truly a creative outlet for me, one that lets me express myself, fills my bucket and always puts a smile on my face.  I love to honor my friends and family this way too...never doing it to impress (although always nice to hear the compliments)...just really doing it for me and those I love! 
Each hostess was responsible for her own  table settings and was so much fun to see every one's tables - all lovely and original!  There was a 'tea bar" - many flavors to choose from and all the food was homemade and donated by Church friends!  We also had a wonderful speaker who discussed her volunteer work in our community to fund cancer support and medical help!  It was just a happy, happy day!

My Table...

Other pretty things...

  My friend Claudia's table was gorgeous in!  Loved her centerpiece with limes and lime green Hydrangea!

She made each of her guests a flower pin to clever!

I loved the glass bottles of "Voss" water...a really fun
and modern twist!

A few of my sweet friends and table mates!

"My cup runneth over...."

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easter Buckets

Easter Buckets for our best buddies!

Pails were half off at HL
I bought vinyl letters - Monogram for the girls and single initial for the boys
I used shredded (recycled junk mail)  paper as filler....right from the paper shredder
Just a few goodies inside that were color coordinated and of course one big & yummy Chocolate bunny!
Tied up with cellophane and color coordinating grosgrain ribbon.
The bottom of the buckets were signed and dated...
I Love to give gifts and love when I get an idea, a theme or I get to hunt for things that color coordinate...makes me happy!

This would also be a fun idea for any Holiday, teacher gift or Birthday present!
Who wouldn't love a monogrammed bucket filled with favorites?!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

I am lucky to be called "Mommy" by these little ones...

I have good days and bad days, I lose my temper, I don't give my all sometimes, I'd rather blog than play blocks...the list of my faults could go on and on BUT you love me unconditionally! You never fail to amaze me or make me smile or truly put the world into perspective! You make me proud and and help me to remember to slow down...literally! To stop and smell the roses, look at a rock or watch the ant colonies! You love the simple things, gum and lifesavers and Family Movie Nights! Thank you for the cuddles and the belly laughs and the kisses that you give so freely! I love you with all my heart, more than words could ever say! Thank you for a wonderful Mother's Day...breakfast, sweet gifts, homemade cards and lots of love!
and thank you to the greatest Daddy (behind the Mama!) who lovingly helps and rarely complains, who always puts us first and who gives me time to just be "Amanda"...
I love and thank you! 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Feeling Grateful!

God Bless America...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

About Me

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I am a stay at home Mom to 3 precious children! I am lucky enough to be married to the kindest, cutest, sweetest man! I love to do anything creative especially scrapbooking, taking pics, baking and crafting with the kids! I love design and throwing parties (especially for my babies) I love to cook, and entertain. I love my friends, my family and my faith. I am always striving to create a lovely home-life and make memories to last a lifetime!