Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just saying "hi"

I never mean to be gone so long...and with Blogger's new format I have had all kinds of problems with posting and adding pictures.  Pair that together with "where to start" and "so much time has passed" and "who really reads this anyway"??! and well, then, here I am!...  I must admit too that blogging has lost some of its appeal to me....sometimes it is just another thing I feel I "should" be doing and when I am not then it is something else I feel guilty about...especially since it has always been an online journal/scrapbookok for our family.  I am really enjoying physically scrapbooking again ( I use that term lightly too :))...getting lost in the creative process, looking through pictures and making pages for albums, sorting their art and making books of it all...I TREASURE their treasures and the time I can spend being present doing it!  My computer time (every night) is my quiet/downtime for myself (no TV besides The Bachelorette ;)...especially when Bryan is gone, I so look forward to reading other blogs, and I have become a HUGE Pinterest - what an awesome idea that was!  I love to work on the house (and plans and dreams of working on the house) and to plan a party so Pinterest is currently feeding that passion for sure.  But I did want to say 'Hi" and let the few of you who read and ask that we are all fine here in the Jones House - no need to worry...:)  I am gearing up for Summer which starts in a few days here so I imagine my computer time will be even less but that's OK...I am looking forward to the lazy days, the pool and sun, S'mores and picnics, park play dates and lots of arts and crafts of course! Hope you are well and are finding time to feed your soul!  Thanks for caring enough to read - xo!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

Happy May Day!

I love this day...I have happy memories as a little girl making May Day baskets with my Mom to hang on neighbors doors...!  We always filled ours with live flowers because that's what my Mom loved but now, I have seen so many cute versions...filled with candies, paper flowers, a plant, etc...I think it is such a sweet, thoughtful, unexpected thing to do for your friends, neighbors or even teachers!  Charlotte was excited to make/fill some baskets...later today we will deliver them - (anonymously! of course)....hanging them on the doors of our special friends!  I love doing things with my kids that my Mom did with me and I hope too that I am then installing not only a tradition or memory but goodwill,  love and thoughtfulness!

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