Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Friday, February 27, 2009


i could eat him up! ...christian fisher, 14 months

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Good morning Sunshines...!!! Well, clouds here as usual but the sun will come out I just know it, right? Positive thinking, right?...Its quiet ...#1 is off to school #2 is still snoozing like the princess she is...and #3 is enjoying a bottle quietly, I am starting the day off w/ some laptop love, checking in all my "peeps". Bryan is travelling and we are counting the hours until he comes back tomorrow - kudos to single Moms, yes? It is a tough job/long week when all alone. We have had 3 weeks or so of sickies - here, it was a mild Winter for us sick-wise, then boom, it all hit at once ...stomach flu, colds, asthma flare-ups, coughs, you name it we have had it. twice.!!! Anyway, that's where my time has been focused these days. I was lucky enough to celebrate my 36th (wow!!! how can that be?!) birthday last week...with family. A friend brought dinner, another friend brought me Hagan Dazs and a lovely pink Hyacinth - the house smelled amazing!!! Bryan and I celebrated w/ Thai food and then my parents arrived over the weekend for a post birthday/Valentines Day...we had a small cake and Mom brought her "famous" Gumbo, yum again!...Then Monday night two of my sweetest girlins took me out for a wonderful Sushi/Japanese Bistro dinner at SoHo, delish! The company was of course outstanding and despite us all being a tad under the weather we had a ball and gabbed the night away...they chipped in with another sweet friend who could not join us for a gift card for me for some serious shopping, as well as brought me 4 white roses to dinner - one rose for each of us as friends - how special, yes? They sit here with me on my desk as I type. Am I lucky or what?! I feel so blessed. These girls have been through it with me, I tell ya what! I love you all and thank you for a great night. So that's it, not too much exciting news here except Christian is cute to see his little self strolling about, wreaking havoc no less but that is another post. Off to start the day...wishing you all sunshine and sandy toes wherever you are...we can dream right?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The End of an Era...

A new day has dawned where the use of my laptop is no longer needed to support the cyber-habits of the author of this wonderful blog. In that light, I thought it fitting that I, the tolerant husband of a chronic laptop kidnapper, make a suprise post. The next post you will see will be published via a sleek pink machine , the subject of one previous post, that is under the sole ownership of Amanda. No longer will my machine be missing from my office as I go to work. No longer will it spend the cold Michiana night at the foot of, or on, the ottoman of the favorite blogging spot only to be rescued each morning by its rightful and loving owner. No longer will there be a need to be tethered to a power supply as a result of a defunct battery while blogging. No longer will the cursor suddenly jump across the screen and inadvertently close the window in which you are writing chance to save...only starting over.

As much as you love to engage in your new found hobby of blogging and other online activities, it is so much my pleasure that you may do so at the helm of reliable equipment and at the time of your choosing. So I ask you. Can you handle the new ride? my bride...

Thanks for all you do for me and our family. Without you we would be lost in many, many ways.

I love you honey!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Christian's 1st Playdate...

My sweet friend Gindy and her precious little guy Harper came by last week for coffee and a playdate...Christian's first! Now, he has been around many a playdate between his big brother and sister's social calendars but this was just he and I...having our friends to play, both Campbell and Charlotte were at school so no interruptions...Gindy and I gabbed away about all the usual and especially about some of our fav blogs, Harper and Chrisitian played away, it was great! I forgot how fun just one can be - Gindy has a really cute blog and this is her first baby, stop by and Can't wait to see you and Harp again soon Gindy, thanks for the great company!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Prettty In Pink

Here is a pic of my new baby...isn't she so cute? Thanks Valentine - I love you!

I love you...

Happy Heart Day to my love! It was not the day we planned (we ALL have had or currently have the stomach flu!) but there isn't anyone else I'd rather nurse back to health...feel better sweetie and I love you! xoxox

PS-Thanks for the super cool pink gift, I am psyched!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pink Party


I hosted a "Pink Party" the other night...previously, I invited a bunch of friends, those who wanted to participate name's were thrown in a hat and I randomly pulled had a few weeks to shop for your partner and were to buy all pink gifts! Including something homemade was a plus too. We met at my house for Cupid Cocktails and Sweet Treats...everyone then exchanged their gifts - we had a ball!!!! Everyone wore pink and we dined on all kinds of bite sized goodies, eaten off my grandmother's pink rose china...we sipped from her pink crystal glasses too, she would be so proud! I even had a pink chocolate fountain - so fun! My friend Rikki (due with her 3rd baby, a little girl!) wCheck Spellingas my partner, she gave me a great pair of flip-flops, the most precious pink and green umbrella, pink and green notes and a yummy WS pink grapefruit candle - I loved it all Rikki!!! I heart this time of year and I heart my friends, how lucky am I?!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mom Times Two Swap Partner

A big thank you to my bloggy friend and partner in the Valentine swap I participated She sent me the cutest package, all pink goodies...just precious - I love it all Maureen! Her blog is really cute and she is hosting a great giveaway, so stop and say "hi" and send her some "love" on Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Still Here

I just know you can't be tired of those precious recital pics??!!! No, really, I need to post, just been so busy this week and believe it or not have not spent much time on the computer...sick kids and a party to host tomorrow night, big school project, school heart day parties to prepare for, etc...lots going on, hope you all are well and enjoyed some of this great weekend weather - we got out and walked and soaked up every bit of sunshine on our little faces, heaven!
Have a great Monday and I'll be back soon...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Charlotte Rose's Recital

It was a happy, happy weekend, ones us Moms live for - ya know, the ones when your kid(s) do something so amazing and are so happy and carefree and filled with happiness! Charlotte had her first ballet recital and she was amazing!!! The dancing was pretty basic (they are 3&4) but she danced her little heart out and wore the biggest smile I have EVER seen - and she smiles alot! I am most proud because she was afraid and nervous and somewhat overwhelmedFriday at her Dress Rehearsal so I was not sure she would dance Saturday...but she went out on that stage and danced her sweet little heart out! It truly was one of the best moments I have had as her Mommy. After the recital, her big brother presented her with two dozen bright pink roses (her flower - born in June and also her middle name), afterwards we took lots of pics and then headed out for ice cream with friends. Today we had ballet class and then had her class of 9 and their Moms back to our house for a celebration! All pink of course - the girls all played and we did a craft, had lunch, read a story and dined on small cupcakes...the Mommy's then ate lunch and everyone headed home with pink goody bag filled with a dress-up tutu and headband. We love you and are so proud of you our prima ballerina!

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