Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


 This little guy is keeping me on my toes!  He is talking like crazy, is afraid of nothing and loves to flush the toilet, unwind the TP and he adores a seat up on the counter...He giggles like crazy and loves to snuggle and cuddle, he exhausts me and amazes me each new day...I have said it 1,000 times before but "managing" 3 kids, in 3 very different stages of life has been hard to adjust to...even though we are 2 years in - I just never dreamed it would be so much harder than 2...I guess it is all relative and depends on many factors but I am soooo anal, so type A, ...not the most laid back person (ha!) so maybe that has contributed to the fact that I can't seem to let things go...the messes, oh the messes, the noise, the constant (or seems to be) refereeing... the chaos of daily life that seems to ensue around here...with that being said, he is the greatest joy and blessing - a miracle really, to this family, he changed the dynamic and deepened the love in my heart -  which I was sure could never hold any more love than it already did for the other two...Anyway...Valentine's Day is around the corner and while many don't like February, I have always loved it - its all pink and happy and "love-y" and sappy and a time I like to remind myself of how blessed I am...3 children and a man who is so precious to me... - an amazing father and a more amazing husband.  So, what do you love about Valentine's Day...or February?!


Laurie said...

Amanda-Thanks about the dresses. I wish I could sew. I made a D on the sewing project in Home Ec. My SIL ordered the dresses online. I will find out.

Mike & Tanya Koets said...

You do a great job Amanda. You are an amazing mommy,wife and friend! I will in the future be looking to you for advice when we have little ones. XOXO

pink green & southern said...

My favorite thing about V-Day is the candy--HA!

Tammy @ said...

I know that feeling the messes, the messes, the noise...I too am a mom of 3 wonderful and energetic little ones and each day take a deep breath and remember how wonderful life is with each one of them and that the kitchen can wait and that the laundry will get folded and put away (eventually)... Thanks for this post, it is nice to know I am not alone.

Best wishes,

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