Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Rainy Saturday

A rainy Saturday morning...hubby is home safe and sound (cleaning the kitchen as we speak, I love him!!!), Dora's on and baby is down for a nap. Big Brother spent the night at a friend's. Coffee is hot and we are enjoying listening to the rain fall. Soccer is cancelled, our first game. A good day to tidy-up around here and do some Fall "nesting". Mom and I were headed to Chicago for The Renegade Art Fair ( read about it but too rainy, under a tornado watch all day too. Last night we had dinner in Nappanee, (Amish town) at Dutchman Essenhauss - the food was to die for, everything is homemade, the peanut butter, apple butter, bread, mashed potatoes, chicken and noodles, etc..yum!!! we ate dinner in an old Amish buggy that was converted to a booth - Charlotte enjoyed pretending it was Cinderella's carriage - "hurry, hurry, it is almost time for the ball, it is almost midnight, where is my glass slippers..." (you get the point) Christian was a little piggy and in heaven with all that yummy food, Bryan and I managed a few short exchanges between playing Cinderella and feeding little piggy. We were all home and in bed asleep by 8:30pm...we are crazy I know!
Oh, did I mention there was some killer shopping at the restaurant...I got this cute thingamijig to hang my little mini-albums on for $6.99 no less and if you look really close, you can see it is not only painted black (my fav!) but has an acorn as a topper - sooo cute!

So, what are you doing today?


John Mitchell said...

AMANDA!!!! I miss you! It so great to read about your family on the blog since we never get to talk and (god forbid) actually see each other. My Ella Capilla turned 5 this week and Delaney is 3 1/2. They are hilarious and keep us running. I can't believe you're the mother of 3 but my guess is you're probably better at it than anyone. xoxoxoxo Donna

Jason said...

hey amy humphreys!! so great to see your family and catch a glimpse of your life. looks like things are going well for you. we're still out in san francisco, loving city life with babe, silas, who's about about to turn one. we'll be in g.e. over christmas...would love to see you sometime. best to all---
kelly (ruff)

Emily said...

Thanks for sharing. I have always been so impressed with your organization skills! You always have it together! I think of you and your family often and can't believe I have not met #2 and #3 yet. Perhaps this winter I Gunnar and I can come up. Please let me know if your ever down visiting Brian's family....I will meet you in NC. Miss you! xoxo to everyone.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Who cares what I am doing today, I would rather have your day! A nice rainy day, coffee, sleeping baby, sounds wonderful. My baby is sleeping right now (but my husband is definitely not cleaning the kitchen). Nice and relaxing!

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