Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Thursday, September 1, 2011

there they go....

and we are off and running....

Feeling pretty lame and (less than inadequate;) ) that I have not even blogged about (or showed any pics) of the kids going back to many emotions, big firsts this year and who know, maybe I am still in a little bit of denial about it all...!  I am so happy and so excited for my three but have felt a little sad, a little nostalgic and a little "now what?!" (not gonna lie!)...although, I am excited and feeling very lucky to be getting sometime to myself now...I know it will go fast but it will be huge for me! First time in almost 10 years I will not have had at least one little one at home...weird and strange, cant really describe it, but exciting to be entering the next "phase" of our lives!

my loves!

Everyone is doing great, still adjusting to new routines and my little Kindergartner is tiiirrreeeedddd by 3pm but she is loving!  Campbell has settled right into 4th grade and has shown some great responsibilty of late, very proud of him - he has also been a pretty great big brother to his little sis as she "learns the ropes"!  Christian starts school Tuesday, today was class visitation and he loved it, I loved it, it was such a happy day for him...all about him for the first time - his school, his teachers, his friends, his playground God that child has earned it!  :)  I did something very unorthodox for myself and threw all my plans for him (and his schooling) out the window this week, went with my gut and I am SO happy that I did, feeling at peace....his new school is literally right outside my neighborhood, So convienet and we love that so many friends are there too :)

my wild & crazy new preschooler!

I really wanna be more regular here - this is my scrapbooking/journaling right now so I need to more accountable!  Hope you all are enjoying the end of Summer, start of a new school year and time with those you love!

be back soon-

my 4th grader...

Charlotte with her sweet teacher; Mrs. Hammond
Kindergarten Orientation
august 24, 2011


Mike & Tanya Koets said...

Wow....congrats to each of the kids!!! They are just getting soooo big sooo quick! XOXO to everyone!

Susan said...

Oh man I wish I could have those years back...they are precious! You will enjoy your time alone...and be glad when they come home:)

Maureen said...

wow... a bit of time to yourself... you have earned it!
glad the year is off to a good start.

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