Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Monday, March 1, 2010

Time to Play...

Our playroom has been a real labor of love...I actually worked on the already finished (but very dated) basement most of last Summer!  I wanted it to be a place where Campbell could do schoolwork while Charlotte and Christian my "perfect world", right?!, beacuse that rarely happens down here...all 3 in harmony!  But it is a great space and we are so lucky to have art area, lots of room to play, lots of storage, a table to play games on, a really comfy sofa with personalized floor pillows and fleece blankies to curl-up with lots of books (or a good movie!)...My favorite part of the whole room is the canvases that they each painted...just precious! It took a lot of paint and alot of organization but I think it turned out great and the kids have their own place and I have a place for all the toys!  And just for the record - it NEVER looks this clean!

Why are my pictures so weird?  And I still cannot find out how to spell check?!

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pink green & southern said...

What a WONDERFUL space!!! You did a great job!

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