Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Babies' Blanket

Christian and his "mankie".

..all my babies have blankets - even 8 year old Campbell!  Actually, he has two!  They are each very different and they each love them differently - it warms my heart to see them all snuggled-up at night with their warm blankets.  I admit too, I like to smell them, hold them and curl up with them too!  Tell me you do that too, I can't be the only weird Mom, right?  So just for fun and just because I want to remember the little things one are the blankie basics!

Christian - you call yours "mankie".  it is blue and silky with a minky dot border.  you suck your left thumb (but only in bed, with said blankie!) to the point of rawness (gross but true~!) and you like to play with the tag too )(just like daddy did as a little boy!) you look like Linus as it trails behind you...

Charlotte - "bunny" or "bunny honey" as you sometimes call "HER" is so precious to you...i am pretty sure you would give up food before you gave up bunny!  you have had her since you were only a few weeks old - she was a sweet shade of yellow made from minky dot with your monogram and a soft bunny head attached.  a "cach-cach" bunny that is no longer made so fortunately/unfortunately she is a one-of-a-kind!  you have loved her so long and so hard she is more like a soft shade of brown, her head is pilled and her silky other side was reduced to strings which we had to cut off after too many finger tangles! you suck your right thumb and would probably do it 24.7. if I let you...not sure how we will ever break your habit...pretty sure you might be off to college with bunny and thumb in mouth!

Campbell - 2 blankies, there were 3 at one time but we are one down now. you call them "michaels"...not sure why, always have!  there is "chickie (little ducks on it) michael" and "yellow michael" - they were some of your baby receiving blankets...they are all torn and frayed around the edges but are sooo soft and although you have never relied on them for sleep like your baby sis and brother...they have always been a source of comfort to you and I think they still are.  they also served as many a superhero cape along the way!

Your blankies are just as unique as each of you... and may they always make you feel warm and safe and secure and remind you of home...I love you!

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PinkPolkadotAA said...

"Mankie" makes it sound a little more manly anyway ;)

My son has a big blue minky blanket he's had for years. We call him Linus too because he looks like Linus when he drags it behind him. I love to curl up and smell my kids blankies too ;)

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