Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Playhouse Disney

While Mr. Campbell man was in school Friday, I treated the little ones to an afternnon outing to Playhouse Disney Live!  Christian is loving Mickey Mouse and Minnie too these days...I knoew he would love the whole show just beacuse it was "live" and full of music, sights and sounds!  Our good friends came along too, Brady and Holyn and their Mommy Jen!

 Oh my, so many sights and sounds!The Morris - small and charming ...perfect for kids shows!

Me and my baby...

Mickey and Minnie - by far Christian's favorite!Jen and Brady Farewell friends!
Back to the Gaithers for pizza, drinks (and cookies!)
Until next time...


Susan said...

Looks like fun!! We took Gabby there to see Dragon Tales when she was 5... she loved it:)

PinkPolkadotAA said...

Looks like fun!!

Yes, the Tuesday after Easter works for me! Email me and let me know what time, what you want to do, etc. I will give you my numer. Fun!!

Maureen said...

What fun! Lulu loves her Disney. The Hot Dog song is one that gets us all moving. :)

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