Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hello this what we have been up to lately...well that and lots of travel soccer and getting one more little one back to school...lots of activities and potty-training too.  The potty-training was actually quite easy and it is DONE, very exciting.  The bathroom renovations...not so much.  Seems we encounter one problem after another and of course there is never enough time to work (as Bryan plans to do most of it himself...Good and bad!?!)...and I find myself in a strange place...for the life of me I cannot make a decision to!  So, not "me"...I am overwhelmed with all the choices...I can see what I want, just having a tough time bringing it all together right now.  I have Christmas on the brain and am already stressing about not wanting to stress this start the shopping and cards early, the same song and dance every Season for me.  And just for one last "bitch" teeth (3 weeks post-op) are still hurting, I make a daily, yes, daily trip to the Oral Surgeon to have my packing changed....ugh.  Really, who has time for that?  It hurts when I exercise, bend over and pretty much eat.  Fun!  So, I have not felt much like blogging of late.  Lots on the brain, as always, lots of ideas and a "to do" list a mile long.  Hoping to feel more settled that Charlotte is back in school 4 days a week...we'll see.  So, what are you up to? 

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Maureen said...

The bathroom choices are so overwhelming. Not to mention the problems - we had more of those than I can count. Sub flooring nightmares!

Sorry to hear about your teeth. If you don't feel good, nothing feels right. Hope you have a speedy recovery moving forward!

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