Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What She Wore...

After the invitation I get so excited to find just the right outfit for Charlotte!  I was excited when I found a cute tee/skirt set from TJMaxx.  The petticoat type skirt was full and the fabric has little cupcakes all over it with the waist being all pink and white polka dots.  The white tank was trimmed in pink ric-rac and had 3 gathered ruffles long the neckline made from the same fabric as the skirt.  I usually splurge on something from Etsy that is made to order but I was so happy with the set I found and thought it looked just as good as an Etsy piece and it was only $14.99!  This will also get additional wear for other birthday parties she'll attend this Summer! 

I did feel like the tee could definitely use some bling though so a "fabric cupcake" was added - hand sewn by a friend.  The "frosting" was pulled and gathered using an adorable already ruffled fabric from Hobby Lobby.  The cupcake "base" was just cut to look like the wrapper and sewn onto the shirt.  The "candle" is sequins that were individually sewn on with a jewel as the flame!  It turned out so precious!  Jen (my friend) went above and beyond by creating a matching dollie outfit too!  I purchased the white tee from a doll clothing set and she added the same cupcake on it.  She found an almost identical cupcake fabric that she sewed into a skirt that Velcro-ed at the waist.  It was just perfect and I love that it was made with so much love!  Thank you Jen!


Jessica said...

As usual, everything for the party looked great! You are such an amazing momma:) I look forward to seeing all of you this weekend and catching up at Harp's partay...

PinkPolkadotAA said...

Oh my goodness that middle picture of her is so precious, that is one to be framed! What a cute outfit, and I love your pink and white apron!

pink green & southern said...

I love it--she looks adorable (so do you in your awesome apron!) and the party looks like an event to remember!

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