Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spa Day Invite

My little girl has been dreaming of an American Girl Spa Party for months now...ever since I stumbled upon the idea/party set that is listed on AG's website.  What I did not know at he time was it had been discontinued!  Well, she was set on the theme so I set out to re-create the party kit but do it even better and personalize it just for Charlotte Rose.  So for the last few months we have planned and shopped and glittered and glued and created and decorated and just had a wonderful time together...she would help in small "spurts" and it was so much fun to have her be a part of the whole process - and just like her Mama she has/had grand ideas and a very clear vision, ha!  I might add she had some high expectations! But I think I rose to the challenge - take a look and see!

I'll probably be breaking down all the party pics into a few posts!

I'll start with the invite...

I wish I had gotten a pic of the invite by itself but for now this is what I can see it hanging on the upper left.

I prefer to make my own invites or in this case I found the "perfect" one in a paper store in NC while travelling.  It was a little girl holding her doll and they looked and were dressed alike - I knew I had found it!  But I still wanted to add our own touches and personalize it to the birthday girl!  I like to try and include a picture whenever I can too, it just adds another layer I think!

I added some sparkles and glitter across the top of the card as well as onto the little girl's shirt.  She is holding a red balloon and I added a glitter "5" or a glitter "C" on the balloon.  Where the text was supposed to go I added a pic Charlotte holding her AG doll - they were dressed alike too!
We then typed-up the party info on vellum (so you could still see the pic underneath), used the Martha Stewart butterfly punch and tied it with fun, color coordinated ribbon...
The invitation said:

Grab your Dollie and come play with me
Lets celebrate my 5th birthday with an American Girl Spa Party!

You and your Dollie will be pampered!
Mommies can stay for Mimosas or drop-off

Then I listed Charlotte's "spa info"

I think you most definitely set the tone for the party with your invitation and the color scheme too...I always pull my colors from the invite it is a great starting point!  And while we are on the subject of invites...I do not understand why so many people do not RSVP anymore - I try and always reply to an invitation the day I get it because otherwise we forget and no one wants to call or be called regarding their replies!

Be back later with pictures of the decorations!


Kasey Hunt said...

Way to go MOm! That looks like it was "Spa"reffic! I know, I totally reached for that one!

Mike & Tanya Koets said...

The party was amazing, I keep telling everyone that you should do party planning girl! I thank you for allowing me to be part of her special "spa" day!
Oh and of course I agree, people need to step up when it comes to RSVP's... See you this week girl!!



pink green & southern said...

WOW! It all looks soooo ah-mazing! And I hate non-RSVPers too! BIG pet peeve of mine.

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