Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Look and see

The Mantle...all about the Birthday Girl and her sidekick (dollie!)

Last post on this party...are you tired of it yet? 

Charlotte, one day, when you read this blog "book" you'll know how much love we have for we live to make all your dreams come true, your brothers dreams' too!  You'll know there is nothing we would not do for you.  You will know how deeply you are loved - I am so proud and honored to be your Mommy, what a sweet girl you are - beautiful inside and out, kind, thoughtful, appreciative and easy-going!  Thank you for blessing our family beyond measure...we love you sweet girl - Happy Birthday!


Monogrammed towels as favors!

Decorate Flip-Flops to take home...
Because pretty toes need pretty shoes!

 Pedis were done on the loveseat with a pink furry pillow to relax with... and party hats; girls and dolls - cupcakes and brunch bites were enjoyed inside this year with small tables set for the girls and their pampered doll "friends"

 Doll styling - hair and facials

 HUGE pink flowers hung in front of the kitchen window
(visible from the front door)

 Custom Birthday banner from Etsy (sucky picture though)

American Girl bags and boxes went a long way in decorating and bringing the theme full circle - it never hurts to hang onto things that might work for your party...think "outside the box" - more is more if you ask me!

The banner on the mantle is from Michaels'...did you know they have their own line of AG crafts - they are darling...I had fun using all the goodies!  The banner says "Charlotte is 5!"

You can see some of the items here:


pink green & southern said...

Truly one of the best parties I have ever seen!

Jenica Cory said...

Man, this is awesome! When is the adult spa party!?!?! :)

Maureen said...

Holy smokes! Just when I think you can't top yourself, you do! Wow! Thanks for sharing the goodness. Touched most by your loving words to C.

PinkPolkadotAA said...

Oh Amanda, you went all out!! Beautiful! I love the decorate your own flip flops, what a great idea! What special memories Charlotte will have of this birthday party.

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