Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

NYC Day #2

Day 2 in NYC was another awesome day!  We enjoyed a full 12 hours of rest and sleeping in!  After coffee and a shower we were off to Midtown to meet a friend for lunch at Bobby Flay's new restaurant - Cafe American!  It was fabulous btw!  I had the Lobster Roll and KK had a wonderful shrimp salad - the atmosphere was fun and cool, it was slammed be the time we left ...we also missed "Giada" by a mere matter of minutes too - I tried to get back in and stalk her but the Hostess staff was not real keen on that...I believe their words were "Um...we cant let you do that!"...I LOVE Giada and cannot believe I missed the chance to meet her. Do you not love her show and food and her smile?!  I digress -...the real star of lunch was my sweet friend KK...she and I have been blog friends for almost 2 years now...we hit it off immediately, leaving comments back and forth, sharing info, etc...she is always so kind to leave comments and I knew she was close to NYC.  She offered to come in and meet me one day while we were in the city - so we made plans and had a ball!  She is just as sweet and lovely as I knew she would be...we had lots to talk about and her dress was to die for! - I want it KK!  After about 2 hours of lunching and chatting she headed back to the burbs to pick-up her 2 precious daughters!  Thanks KK for a wonderful lunch and for taking time in your very busy life to come and meet me!  Can't wait to see you again-  Check out her blog here friends....

After our ladies lunch, Bryan picked-me up and we headed to Times Square to walk around and work on our theater ticket debacle - to no avail I might add!  We did some shopping  and walked over to Rockefeller Center - we picked up some famous Magnolia Cupcakes - they did not disappoint!  Yummy!  Their shop is darling too, lots of white marble and soft cupcake colors, white subway tile and beautiful cake stands filled with little cakes of heaven! 

We enjoyed all the people watching outside and all the work that was being done to prepare the Today Show for Justin Beiber's appearance the next day...oh my the little girls were swooning! ( Why, I ask? )

 We then headed back to the our hotel ...we sat out back on the "party street" and enjoyed some drinks before showering and getting ready for the big party!

The house and the party will be another post...I managed to get quite a few pics of the house before I was told I was not to be taking pictures - oops!...Can't wait to share all the inspiration-...


pink green & southern said...

What a great post, lol! No, seriously, it was GREAT to meet you--I had a BALL with you! You are so adorable and I wish you lived closer so we could do it again. Next time you are in the city we shall! I can't believe we missed Giada! Did you see any other celebrities on your trip? I am also glad you got your Magnolia cupcake--they really are to die for, aren't they?!

Anonymous said...

It would have been so cool if you got to meet Giada! I would have done the same thing, tried to get back in, ha!! So lucky you got to meet PG&S! I love her. What a fun time!

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