Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ramona's Salad

Have you tried it? Ramona's salad, Asian Slaw, Chinese salad? It goes by many names but whatever you call it, it is delish! It is a Summer staple in our house and I always make the first one over Memorial Day...its easy too. Goes great with anything - burgers, grilled chicken or salmon, you just can't go wrong! Try it and then try not to eat it all up!
And because I am waaaay to lazy to type the recipe out, just google Paula Deen's Chinese Salad ! Enjoy!


Gindy said...

I love this salad!!! Ok, you've inspired me. I'm going to get the recipe and make it!!!

Claire said...

Hi - I came over to visit from "Fly Through My Window" after reading your comment - and found a recipe that I've been looking for!!! I love your dining room - I found my dining room fixture in front of a dumpster - spray painted it red - rewired it - parchment shades - and everyone loves it - My bedroom is red toile so you know I love your drapes! And I love the Lizzyanne clothes - I have a wonderful granddaughter that would love them too!!!So glad I stopped by - I'll be back!

Jessica said...

Looks scrumptious...i am going to try it this weekend. BTW, I still have the little piggy, LOL. Also, I think I might have a vase of yours from Maggie's party. I am a slacker and was digging through my cabinet for a vase and came across it. I completely forgot about it. It is a really cool milk jug vase. I know that isn't a good description. Let me know=)

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