Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Good morning Sunshines...!!! Well, clouds here as usual but the sun will come out I just know it, right? Positive thinking, right?...Its quiet ...#1 is off to school #2 is still snoozing like the princess she is...and #3 is enjoying a bottle quietly, I am starting the day off w/ some laptop love, checking in all my "peeps". Bryan is travelling and we are counting the hours until he comes back tomorrow - kudos to single Moms, yes? It is a tough job/long week when all alone. We have had 3 weeks or so of sickies - here, it was a mild Winter for us sick-wise, then boom, it all hit at once ...stomach flu, colds, asthma flare-ups, coughs, you name it we have had it. twice.!!! Anyway, that's where my time has been focused these days. I was lucky enough to celebrate my 36th (wow!!! how can that be?!) birthday last week...with family. A friend brought dinner, another friend brought me Hagan Dazs and a lovely pink Hyacinth - the house smelled amazing!!! Bryan and I celebrated w/ Thai food and then my parents arrived over the weekend for a post birthday/Valentines Day...we had a small cake and Mom brought her "famous" Gumbo, yum again!...Then Monday night two of my sweetest girlins took me out for a wonderful Sushi/Japanese Bistro dinner at SoHo, delish! The company was of course outstanding and despite us all being a tad under the weather we had a ball and gabbed the night away...they chipped in with another sweet friend who could not join us for a gift card for me for some serious shopping, as well as brought me 4 white roses to dinner - one rose for each of us as friends - how special, yes? They sit here with me on my desk as I type. Am I lucky or what?! I feel so blessed. These girls have been through it with me, I tell ya what! I love you all and thank you for a great night. So that's it, not too much exciting news here except Christian is cute to see his little self strolling about, wreaking havoc no less but that is another post. Off to start the day...wishing you all sunshine and sandy toes wherever you are...we can dream right?


Gindy said...

Happy Birthday Amanda-I'm so sorry I missed it. I'm glad to hear that everyone is feeling better, and Christian's on the go!!! Have a wonderful week!!!!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like your wishing Spring was here too!!! Love your photo! Hope you had a great birthday:)

pink green & southern said...

An absolute angel!

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