Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I love you Campbell...

He wanted to see himself "live"...What can I say, is he a cutie or what? Hard to believe my first baby is almost 7! I am proud of you Cam for the young man you are growing into - for your sweet spirit, boundless energy and compassion. I am proud that you like to recycle and clean-up the Earth, that you adore books and reading and learning, you ask the BEST questions! I am proud of you for caring for others and helping your little brother and sister when they need you most. I am proud of you for trying new things even though they may scare you for playing Flag Football and scoring your first soccer goal of the season last week (although I missed it!), for embracing Cub Scouts and taking pride in what you are doing and learning..I am proud of you for rocking your spelling tests - not one word missed, in any test since school started, WOW!...Most of all, I am proud to be YOUR Mom...I love you!

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Susan said...

Boys are something special! Enjoy each and every day, they are 15 before you know it:) Campbell is a cutie!

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