Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Monday, November 3, 2008

Favorite Things

Besides the obvious favorite things from our recent romantic trip to Jamaica, these little goodies I LOVED and even home in Indiana, in this blah weather, they are still making me happy!

Fresh flowers - these were everywhere in our resort (even fresh petals on our bed) and changed out daily, can you imagine? I may not do it daily but I try to always have fresh flowers in the house, something I learned from Mom, (thanks Mom), it just adds so much and makes for a happier home. Sometimes I even leave a small single flower or arrangment on Bryan's desk to make his work day brighter!

The birdcage - LOVE any and all birdcages! I always have but more so now that Christian's nickname is "birdie", I have a new fondness for all things bird! This one was outside a restaurant at the resort, its tall too, I just loved it! There are so many great uses for birdcages and I always have loads of fun "accessorizing" them here at home, my favorite is a new green one that sits on the piano, I have added all kinds of goodies to it!

The yellow urn, I think my favorite! I Loved its yellow color and shape and form, anything that even remotely looks like a topiary makes me happy! This was outside a shop in the shopping part of the resort and again, seeing it daily made me happy, I tried to figure out a way to swipe it and get it back home, it would look perfect in my house with all my yellows, greens and reds. So now, I am on the lookout for the same look here at home in the stores...I will keep you posted!

So since I could not physically bring these goodies home, I decided to have the three 4x6's framed together as a"piece of art" if you will, will be another great (daily) reminder of Jamaica!


Gindy said...

Great pics-would love all for my house too!!! The recent pics of the kids are great! They are such cuties.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Great way to remember your vacation...I always wish I could bring home way more than I have room for too! :)

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