Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10 months and 2 days

where did that teeny tiny baby go who was just in my belly a short 10 months ago?! through the blur of nightly feeding, copious amounts of breastfeeding and diapering along with caring for 2 other children you have grown and changed before my eyes. you are a patient soul with a smile that melts my heart, big beautiful blue eyes and sandy blond, feather soft hair. you have 6 whole teeth now and can say "dada" quite well! you are enjoying crawling especially into the mud room where you like to "eat" all the shoes you can find. you are busy trying to teach yourself to pull up on things and your sweet chubby knees actually have carpet burns - poor baby! you light up when you see your brother and sister and reach for me when i come in the room, then you reach for daddy when he comes into the room. you love to take walks and to ride in the car. you can be the saddest baby ever and when we go into the bathroom you start to smile and kick your feet feverishly anticipating what you know is coming... a bath! splashing and kicking and that red polka dot cup bring you lots of happiness! you are a great eater, a terrific nurser even from the start with tubes and iv's all connected to you, you took to it like champ and never stopped., now you look forward to your table meals and time in the highchair enjoying "puffs" while i prepare your yummy food, some homemade, some store-bought and almost always organic! favorite toys include anything that is not considered a "toy"...oh how quickly we forget the baby-proofing that needs to be done and all the mischief that one tiny baby can get into when mama isn't watching...sigh, lots to do here! you are a thumb sucker just like your sister...except your left is your choice. we lay you down and give you your blue minky blankie, you grab it and settle in with your thumb and drift off within just a few minutes, you are a great sleeper! to bed early 6 :30 and you sleep a good 12 hours, followed by a good nap and another good afternoon nap. we have all sacrificed by being slaves to the schedule but boy does it pay off! i treasure every single second you have been in my life, you are good and pure in every way, my greatest achievement, our greatest joy we love and adore you and your big brother and sister more than life itself, thank you for blessing us beyond measure.

love, mommy


Susan said...

You are blessed and so is baby bear! Your a great made me think about the days when my kids were babies (loooong time ago!) :-)

Sandy Toes said...

Love that little pumpkin!
-Sandy Toes

Gindy said...

What a little peanut!!! I love the costume!!!! I need to do my tag response this weekend, so look for it:) Have a wonderful weekend.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I love this! We are expecting #2 in a few months and I just feel like it is going to go so fast. Like you said, what happened to the baby who was in my belly just a few months ago? He is precious. You had also asked for my email address. Sure!! It is Have a great weekend!

Shannon said...

That is the cutest pumpkin ever!

Jessica said...

Christian is lucky to have such an amazing mom!!! Your words are so special and will be cherished by him one day:)

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