Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christian is 5

Our sweet Christian turned FIVE last week!  I say it all the time but seriously where has the time gone?!

It was a very big 24 hours leading up to the #5....he moved up a level in Gymnastics but the big deal was the medal!  Then, he lost his FIRST tooth (the earliest by 1 year that any of my babies have lost teeth!)  And, he got his FIRST strike in bowling :)  It was all so very happy and exciting.  We woke up early and opened presents...had a yummy breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls ( per the Birthday Boy's request) and then he was off to school.  We shared green Jello Jigglers as his Birthday Treat and sung alone with all his classmates for not one but two fun Birthday songs.  Then he "ran" around his circle of friends' blowing out his 5 Birthday candles that they each held up (held up 5 fingers :)).

School Celebration

Then it was off to bowl, play indoor putt-putt and ride Go Karts!  A big pizza and root beer was the "special" Birthday dinner!  Then it was home to sing Happy Birthday and have cake and Ice Cream!  It was such a fun day and he loved every minute of it!  He and his brother's joint party is this weekend....35 kids between the ages of 4-12...should be lots of fun and quite interesting!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

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