Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The days and the weeks, they fly by...sometimes I feel like I am in a big rat race, sometimes I wish I could freeze time -!  All of it.   Just wanting to share a few pics of late.  The leaves have quickly began to fall, almost to November and I have heard the rumblings of a possible first snowfall next week (BEFORE Halloween!).  We have a few Halloween parties over the next week or so and a soccer-free weekend...looking forward to it all.  My kids costumes are sooo cute this year...can't wait to share :)

They are so cute :) 

We spent some time last week at our Piano Teacher's House
decorating tees to wear during December!
The kids play Christmas music at our local Grocery store :)
We spent some part of that same weekend at Notre Dame for a big game against Stanford!
Game Day was awful and cold and wet but so much fun nonetheless!
Tailgating with friends, a trip to ESPN's College Game Day
and all the usual ND traditions that are truly so amazing!
We even saw Vince Vaughn :)

The night before the game the Campus is always buzzing with the band practice, pep rally and lots of family/kid friendly things to do.  ND is a beautiful campus , especially so in the Fall!  We met our sweet friends from next door to pal around with!

Lots of fun indeed!

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