Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Monday, June 13, 2011

Treat Tuesday

Treat Tuesday, a new Tradition (origina) idea found here:

So each Tuesday this Summer the kids take turns picking a "treat" that they want to make with me...something new or just a stand by that they love! Campbell was first up last week and he chose donuts!  So, we that's what we made and they were yum, yum!  I did cheat some, these were NOT from scratch (I am nice, but not crazy!  :))...

We used a can of biscuit dough -
  • flatten each piece of dough and cut a hole in the center (I use a bottle cap from our Wesson oil)
  • meanwhile you are waiting for your oil (Canola or Vegetable) to get hot enough to fry your "donuts" in!  - and I use enough oil to submerge the donuts in...
  • test the oil w/ just a small drop of water first , once its hot enough, drop one in until brown, just a quick minute or so - use tongs to flip and do the other side.
  • transfer to a plate lined w/ paper towels, when you are done frying them comes the fun part!

shake, shake and shake some more....

we dropped 4 in a bag of powder sugar and four in another bag with cinnamon & sugar!

Pour a big glass of milk and enjoy while HOT!
Easy and fun!

(PS- do you Campbell?!  he decided he was "done" once the frying began but he did come back for a finished donut...little stinker! )

Another Treat Tuesday tomorrow!

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