Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I love her house (have tried to mimic it!), love her blog, love the name of her blog and now I love her new stationary (I ordered some too!) - yes, I feel like a stalker!

Here's the cute stationary...

I am loving Seleta's foyer re-vamp - just beautiful..
A few years ago we moved our laundry room and had a mudroom/cubbies installed in its place...however; since then I have to keep it clean, organized, efficient, clutter-free, functional, pretty, etc...I felt like if "I built it, it would all come"...not so much!  Even the light fixture has shorted-out...and the hunt is on for a new one.  Don't hate me because I am already looking forward to back-to-school - just another reason to re-organize and strive for order in there.  We spent a very good chunk of change having custom cubbies built-in and while I still love them I am convinced that you could achieve the same goal of organization just by using lots of hooks around the space or down a long back hall or in a foyer above a bench.  Take a look and see...

Seleta's beautiful design...

I love this - very doable and I think would be pretty affordable...I like the totes above too that could store art supplies/crafts...etc.

I love this version below...beautiful and different! 
Most mudrooms have the cubbies.
I love the shutters as doors and the chicken wire
 on top, I just love everything about this room!

I love the one below...more like what we have but ours is a smaller version...
I like how it goes along the long wall and has drawers too!

Charming and fun with the letters, love the clock too!

I'd love to know how/where you store backpacks, purses, shoes, etc...?!
What do you LOVE today?

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Alexis said...

Your stationery is on the way!!
Thanks Amanda, I am so glad to have a new blog buddy!

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