Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Friday, July 9, 2010

Eloise at The Plaza

Amanda at the Plaza!

These are a few pics from our NYC of the stops we made was into The Plaza Hotel
If you have never been it is simply stunning!  I wanted to see the Eloise shop (Charlotte loves the Eloise books) and let me just tell you it did not disappoint!

But first we decided to sit and enjoy drinks in the Champagne Lounge - I had the signature Plaza Champagne Cocktail and Bryan had the Mojito Gin & Tonic
I think they were the best drinks we have ever had
(they better of been ...lets just say they were upwards of $20 (each!)

This is the famous Eloise oil painting in the lobby...we watched as lots of little girls had their picture taken with her!

High Tea Menu


You can book your daughter's birthday party here in Eloise's Tea Room!

There is also the cutest shop with all things Eloise and all things girly!

This was "The Closet"...all tutus, fancy dresses, and Plaza goodies...robes, pjs and nighties all for little girls!
(A little birthday girl may or may not of gotten a pretty pink "fancy" dress from here!)

The "stage" is filled with trunks of dress-ups  and a big mirror so little shoppers are kept happy!

This was the lobby piano player - loved her hat, hate the screen!

And if the shop isn't enough you might want to check-out the Eloise Slumber party overnight package at the hotel...if you have an extra $3,700 - PER NIGHT to stay!

Sleep tight!


Susan said...

Wow! That all sounds so wonderful! I would love to visit NY again as an adult...I was too young to appreciate it at 14... thanks for sharing:) have a great day!

pink green & southern said...

What a lovely pic of you! I haven't been to the Plaza yet but after seeing these pics I MUST take my girls!

Jenica Cory said...

That is too cute! I just saw the trailor for the movie and wish Magnolia was a little older!

Did you find anything good at the barn sale? I LOVE your iced tea spoons...great find!

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