Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Sunday, May 2, 2010

NC Homes...

Still without camera...still sad...sort of at a loss without it, I should still document w/out the camera, the details matter too but I guess I just find it a little less inspiring without pictures!  So, I was posting about our NC trip a few weeks back and never got to showcase some of the houses that I love in Gastonia (where Bryan grew-up and where his parents still are).  Adorable neighborhoods, beautiful flowers, sidewalks and precious houses!   Charlotte was along for the "tour" and it is so funny, she loves pretty houses just like me!  She loves the flowers and notices things like doors and porches!  LOVE that girl!She even took a few of the pics.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with some updates and a new camera, I have a little something in the works that I am excited about (in regards to the camera!)

Painted white brick - love!

Painted grey brick - also love!  I like the two big windows in front and the drive next to the front door, seems sort of regal to me?!


Classic home!

Immaculate lawn and garden, classic and charming!

Loved the lantern and the big brass door knocker
 And the best for last...Bryan's first home, where he lived as a baby and toddler!


Jenica Cory said...

I'd love to follow you! I thought I already was, but that was just through Google Reader and not the same thing I guess. I'm still figuring all of this stuff out even though we have had a blog for 2 and a half years! ha

pink green & southern said...

What lovely houses! I LOVE painted brick too.

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