Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Map Love

My sweet, sweet Campbell...I love that you still like me to lay down with you at night...I get the most from you at the end of the day - who did what at the lunch table, who told a funny joke at school, what you enjoyed doing at recess and gym class..all the good boy stuff!

You are fascinated with can lay in bed night after night and still learn and see something new on your globe, or one of your maps!  So cute!  I love to ask you..."Tell me something about geography I don't know Campbell" and he always does...!

May you never lose your sense of wonder!

I love you my first baby boy!

Bedtime snuggles...

 This is what we see as we snuggle...a globe hangs above Campbell's bed!

The wall next to his bed...a world map and a US map...

Besides geography, he also likes digital photography -
thanks for the pics Cam!


Kasey Hunt said...

Boys are so much fun. I grew up in a house of sisters. When I had my first boy, I remember my sister asking, " What are you going to do with a boy?" Gibson has brought so much joy in my life and now I have Waylon. Two boys and a girl, Stella. Life is good.

Maureen said...

How great is that! Boys rock.

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