Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Been Busy

Field Day at Prairie Vista - 90 degrees!

Christian at school with Miss Charlotte...

 Charlotte and friends...before their Music program at school
Mommy, Daddy and Charlotte
 enjoying munchies after the music!

Mother's Day Angelic Choir performance...

We've been busy around here...honestly, where does the time go?  We are done with school this week and Summer is here!...Oh, my!  I have a love/hate relationship with it...excited to be out of a routine and to do what we want...swim, travel, picnics, bike rides, Popsicles, just hanging-out with my kids and being together as a family...BUT...on the flip side, I need routine, I need a plan, I need structure and order...I need personal time, time without my kids...without questions and demands and whining and need for playdates, friends and entertainment - and the fact that my three  babies range in age from 2-almost 9 makes it all a bit of a challenge - for me anyways!  Charlotte wants to do what Campbell is doing and in turn Christian thinks he is a "big kid" now too...he seems to think he can just tag right on along or just let himself out the door...I cannot tell you how many times I have found him in the cul-de-sac the last few weeks!  Thank heavens for sweet friends and neighbors! He is trailing behind all the big kids usually riding his tricycle or making his way to the golf course to fly kites or play chase...Urgh!   Oh my babies, you all are growing way to quick...the days are long but the years short - one of my favorite quotes and so true...and you are worth every challenging minute!  How I love you all and Daddy more than words can say!

OK, enough of my rant ...time to share some of what has been occupying our days of late.

Mother's Day!

Sharing lunch with friends after Church


 Our first trip of the season to the Zoo!

Celebrating Charlotte's 5th Birthday at school...
Zebra treats and goodies to celebrate!

 Splasing in the yard...Slip in Slide, Pool, Sprinklers and water guns...

Left to do...

Teacher gifts (wrap/write notes) , Charlotte's Olympic Day, End of school Ice Cream Social (the neighbors and I host a bunch of kids from the hood!), preperations for NYC next week!

Hope you all are enjoying the longer, warmer days...Be back soon!

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Anonymous said...

Busy Busy girl!! I hope you are doing well! Your pictures are all too cute :)

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