Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


North Carolina is known for their BBQ and their seafood  - two of my faves!
(and for any pork haters - sorry for the pic!!!)  And I am pretty sure I ate my weight in both while visiting...I had a couple good sandwhiches but we ended-up eating at this kind of hole-in-the wall place called Kyle Fletcher's (3 times in 6 days) was fantatstic!  Your choice of sauce (in squeeze bottles) and homeade onion rings and the best sweet tea!  Their ice is scopped out of a big Igloo cooler!  And considering you can get out of there for under $6.00 pp makes it taste even better!

 Christian was not a fan and much preferred sitting outside on the bench watching the planes, trains and automobiles...(zoom by!) - Stinker in resturants lately, ugh!

Making the pilgrimage inside Fletcher's

It was so fun to look around inside...I think every square inch (ceiling included) was covered in sports memoribilia...mostly Tarheels (or Tarholes as Brayn calls them, ha!)...the kids loved to see it all!

So, I am having some BBQ withdrawl now...until next time!


Gindy said...

Yummy-Making pulled pork tonight for dinner now!!!! I hope you have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I must go check this place out! Looks yummy!

Maureen said...

We're headed to Charlotte in a few weeks - I need to remember to check this out!

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