Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Love...

Not too much to report this week, I have been a single Mom whil my love is always a long week and I love when I am back to sharing my parent responsibilities.  In other news, my sweet Bryan is in surgery as I type (from his hospital room)...he is having outpatient sinus surgery - not pleasant but soooo needed, I swear he ill feel like a new man.  Poor guy has had one looonnnngggg sinus infection for the last 9 or so months!  My parents are here helping with the kids today...thanks Mom and Dad!  I have lots of "projects" in the hopper and hope to get some things accomplished soon.  Just heard the new baby "chime" here at the hospital...the hospital where I had 2/3 babies - I rang that same chime!  It is a tradition here and I love to hear it!  Speaking of friend Jessica gave birth 6 weeks early yesterday to a precious baby girl she named "Gwyneth"....after a very long journey following numerous miscarriages, they adopted a little boy who will turn 1 in April and shortly thereafter got pregnant and carried this baby up until yesterday when she could not wait any longer to meet her new family!  Is God not great or what?!

PS - Someone PLEASE tell me where to find the spell check on this new Blogger screen - ugh!!!!  I am sure I have plenty of type-os!


Susan said...

Yes, God is good!!! Hopefully Brian is feeling better and he is home with ya:) You had ask about "followers" a while back... I have found when you go to other blogs and leave comments they ususally pop back over to yours and may or may not follow...I have had a good response from my give a way and that is why I think I have a few more now. It is all a lot of fun but time consuming too:) Have a great Sunday!

Maureen said...

God is good. Love hearing those stories. Hope Brian is doing well.

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