Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Town & Country by Fitz and Floyd...

My new Christmas china...Fitz and Floyd's Town & Country.
I found it at TJ Maxx a month or so was/is crazy inexpensive!
Example...the soup tureen (my fav) retails for $296.oo, it was $29.00!
Salt and Pepper Shakers were $2.99 for the set! The pitcher was $12.99! They had several other pieces that I passed up and now I want them and have been making daily stops into both TJ Maxx and Marshall's...I'll probably never find it now!
I love that it does not "scream" Christmas (since the rest of my house will!, ha!) but it's pretty and fun and has touches of toile...well, need I say more?! I also like to mix and these are simple enough to mix in other patterns for fun too! I LOVE dishes and can justify buying them all the time, it is really quite sick, ha, ha...Bryan and I have two other Christmas sets - one from his Grandmother that I love but it just is not practical for everyday...the other is Royal Hunt by Noritake, which I have never really loved, we got it when we were married and Bryan really loved, I continue to hunt and to get more and more excited about the "Christmas Holiday"
as Charlotte calls it...cute! Do you have Christmas dishes? And hey, if you see any of these plate -buy them...I'll pay to ship and the cost of the plates and I'll send you something fun too!!!!


pink green & southern said...

Oh, I love this pattern. I saw it for the first time the other day at Home Goods and fell in love. Sorry, they didn't have any plates. But if I see some I will let you know! I am working on my post for Pinkie's Party--it's a big one so it is taking me a while to write!

Maureen said...

Love it! What do you need? The dinner plates? I will check for you. I have the traditional Spode set. Love them. LOVE all Christmas dishes. Let me know about what you need....

Susan said...

Hey, nice seeing you too! After washing my hair it is a little better but still way too "gold" for me. Sometimes I leave there and wonder why I pay so much for my hair! What did you think of the girl that took you back to the chair and started you for Miranda? She washed my color out and I thought I would die just listening to her talk!!!! too funny

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