Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Monday, March 7, 2011

Craigslist Find

HOME sweet HOME!  Just back from Disney and we are currently "decompressing"....It was a wonderful week with both immediate and extended family...truly a magical place!  I only went once as a young girl and have very few memories of it so getting to see it thru my children's eyes not once but twice now is priceless!  I have hundreds of pictures to edit and then I will be sharing many but in the meantime I wanted to share some pictures of some recent acquisitions to our Dining Room...from CRAIGSLIST...the best part...are you ready?!  $50.00 for BOTH pieces...solid wood, overall very good shape and almost identically match the existing table/chairs we have.  They are french in their look and shape and have lots of storage, I just could not of been more thrilled!  I promise if you are patient and look hard and are persistent you will almost always find what you want on CL...And God Bless my husband (and 9 year old) who drove 4 plus hours round trip hauling a trailor on a blustery November Sunday to pick it up!  Love that man!  :)  I may or may not paint in eventually, I love black furniture so maybe a distressed black, I am not sure yet.

You can see some wear and tear and there are one or two missing knobs but all and all $50 is just such a steal, I still cannot even believe it, I worried the whole day my husband and first born were gone that it was a hoax and they would be meeting up with some crazy killer or robber...nice trust I have in humanity, huh?! haha but seriously, isn't the CL thing a little weird and scary?!  OK, I digress...I am anxious to change up this room some too, hopefully after our Master bath redo is done and then onto our bedroom and family room (just some smaller changes) I will tackle this room that we actually use a great deal!  Things I want to do and change:

Ditch the red color...tired!
Rip out the carpet...replace with hardwoods and beautiful new rug
Possibly paint some/all the furniture
Re - accessorize for sure!
I have black and white toile window panels in there that are from Brunswig &Fils that I spent a small fortune on so they stay, I am trying to pick a paint color (adjoining LR is a pale, pale yellow (almost a creamy color - called Cashew)

Thoughts on a color?!

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Tickled Pink Talk said...

oh my! That hutch looks so much like the hutch i have from my grandmother!! (on my post about my living room!) Also, we are heading to Disney very soon, I have never been, and would love any pointers!
Great CL find!!

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