Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Day

Today was a BIG day!  I feel like it was certianly a milestone...Christian visited Preschool (for next year), met his teachers and played in his classroom.  I got to experience all his first reactions..he was excited and loved playing with all the different toys...dress up, the blocks, the "5 senses" special, and the big hits were the water table where he made bubbles and the airport and planes (circa 1975, ha.)  I love the "old" toys.  He relished all the new books and enjoyed mixing and messing with Flubber!  Do you know what Flubber is?  Very cool stuff.  He was a little timid and reserved but did great and sint want to go.  We walked down to the music room and observed the class, he was nervous then and was very timid with his rhythm sticks!  It was so cute, he jumped right in my lap and just took it all in!  Precious, precious moments...the simple things, the moments that matter in motherhood!

After spending the special morning with Christian it was off to Kindergarten testing for Charlotte!  All dressed-up and ready to go with a big smile on her face.  She told me her tummy was filled with butterflies but they flew away after we got to school.  The teachers (testers) came and got the 5 kids/Mommies and off we went.  The kids moved between 5 stations while the Moms and two other teachers met with us and had a question and answer session.  Already having had a Kindergartner I basically knew what to expect but it is still so fun and new and different with each child.  After the kids were done testing they joined the parents for cookies and juice.  She had a giant smile on her face and told me she loved me and gave me the biggest kiss!  Aw, so sweet!  After telling me some of the specifics of her testing (name, address, sorting, drawing,colors, shapes and hand eye coordinations - ie throwing a ball, walking a blance beam,etc.) I can promise one thing...our little girl is gonna rock Kindergarten!!!

Daddy and I are so proud of you both we hope your new school journies will bring you every happiness - what a big and happy day!

(I did not get any pics today...but here is a fav of the two getting along, having fun and Christian is in his Sissy's pink jammies...he worships her!  sweet love-)


paige said...

precious indeed!
my mom still kids us about me dressing up my little brother in my girlie clothes!
i love your chidren's names

Susan said...

Wow, time sure does fly by...they are both so precious and LOVE the fact the he worships her:))too cute!

PinkPolkadotAA said...

Yay you're coming to NC!! Of course we should go for cupcakes! Same place or someplace new??

Majid Ali said...

Love lifts us up where we belong. God bless you. See the power of Positive thinking within you. Please follow my blog. Positive Thoughts

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