Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lotta Sap in here!

Tree Bound...

This old station wagon is filled with presents...they are like from the 70's, old and faded but a tradition

One of four bloodhound...Cam's favorite!

brothers...and best buddies, they are never far from each other...

the reason for the season...Miss Charlotte loves a nativity!

looking, looking, running, running...

One of Santa's reindeer...just waiting for the call!

Christian thought Jesus' lamb was a 'woof, woof '...

Today we set-out to find the perfect was so much fun! It was sunny and chilly but not frigid (the snow/deep freeze are on their way)! We make the hour trek every year, usually on the weekend of Thanksgiving but we went today and instead and it was great - no lines, masses of people, made the experience more "quaint" (does that make sense?) and Christian and sidekicks could run free amongst the trees. Bryan takes the task of finding the "perfect" tree very seriously, I always snicker (or get really irritated - ha, ha...) but he never fails to spot "the one", LOVE him. Charlotte would go up and down the rows mumbling..."we must find the perfect tree - picture big arms here too)...Campbell enjoyed pulling around the tree cart and Christian just ran! The kiddos were very enamoured with the 4 bloodhounds, lamas, deer and other little critters in the petting zoo...Christian loved the "meow" the most and enjoyed chasing him all around. Charlotte would call out to the animals(as we passed by to and fro) - "love you...have fun" love you..." too cute! We ate Oreos (very special treat!) on the way and listened to Christmas Music and copious amounts of giggles (screaming and fighting too). After the tree was cut down by my manly man we headed inside for hot cocoa (another highlight for 1,2 and 3) and talked with the owners of the tree farm - great people! We came home and enjoyed white chicken chili and warm bathes. The sugarplums are nestled snug in their beds and the tree is sitting in its stand (Bryan likes to give the tree branches a night to settle)...ready for lights and then ornaments tomorrow night. I'll give everyone their special new ornament and maybe we'll watch some of "Home Alone"...and wait for our first snowfall of the year!

I LOVE this time of year!
Do you have your tree? Is it up and decorated...?!


Gindy said...

Too cute-especially Charlotte telling all the animals "love you", are you kidding? She is the sweetest!!!! I got the cards in the mail yesterday. Absolutely loved the pic you choose-it's perfect!!! Loved the invites too-"yappy birthday"-too funny!!! Do you want me to bring my two little doggies over for props? Just kidding-could you imagine the chaos-lol!!! Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend.

pink green & southern said...

What a special day!

CarolinaGirl said...

How sweet are they!!! Love the photos, and the bloodhound was precious!

Jessica said...

I am getting caught up on my blogs today. Love this post and all of the pics of your beautiful family!!! The Christmas season is truly the best. I am so glad to see you are enjoying every moment:)

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