Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Off to School

Ready to go...Daddy's foot!

The "apple" of our eye!

Baby brother will miss you!

New red Maryjane's...

A pencil hairbow I made to match her dress

Mrs. Romey - we love you!

Charlotte finally started back to preschool this week...the same teacher and classroom as last year, as well as many of the same classmates. She has been excited to reunite with everyone and especially her teacher, whoim she adores. However when we got to her Open House, she became so sad and afraid...she did not want to leave us while we went upstairs for a meeting. That paired with a new speech teacher did not bode well for a very happy day. But each day for her this week has gotten better and happier and she has become more comfortable! We love you so much Charlotte and are so proud of you. You are growing-up much too quickly, can't wait to see where this school year takes you!


Gindy said...

Charlotte looks adorable-the bow, dress, and shoes!!!! I love the pic with her and Christian-his little i love mom shirt-how sweet!!!!

Twice as Nice said...

Just plain SWEETNESS!! I just LOVE them shoes. She is a cutie :o)

pink green & southern said...

She's adorable! Love the bow you made.

Maureen said...

The dress, the bow, those shoes... all fabulous, but none of it compares to that face. She's just too cute for words. I hope school continues to get better and better. As everyone has told me, there is no predicting their reactions in preschool.

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