Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Corn Country

Look at that sky...and all that room to run!

Look at those chubby hands - this boy loves to swing!

Imagine miles and miles of corn immediately to the left

Rosie cheeks on my rosie girl!

My almost 2nd grader (sniff, sniff)

Looking for "berd", "berd"...(birds that is!)

See Charlotte can't catch me Cam!

Corny smile!


I love Indiana in the least once a week you get a vibrant blue sky, a cool breeze and a day without humidity - a perfect day to head to our community's newest park (although its almost 2 years old or more?!). pecuilar in the sense that it was built As far as you can see in about every direction is corn, corn, and more corn, (and it is soooo yummy right now too by the way). I thought it a little strange at first; an odd place for a prk but I can tell you it was brilliant. This park provides lots of entertainment, my kids love to hop between the corn and the playground or when that grows old there is open fields as far as you can see! We had a blast soaking in the sunshine and playing hard and fast. When we were all loaded in and headed out we made a stop at the corner produce stand for what else...fresh corn!

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pink green & southern said...

YUM--love fresh corn in the summer!

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