Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Coastal Living

Not only do I miss this man but I am missing the beach too...the air is turning cooler here and the days are growing shorter. I am missing the sand and surf... many, many good times and memories have been made on the coast! This is where it all began for us and as our life and love have evolved so has our family...its fun to return year after year, it used to be weekend after weekend and now that we live so far away our visits to the coast are fewer and further between. Luckily though we have 2 wonderful "beachy" towns nearby in St.Joe, MI and New Buffalo, MI - both are wonderful beaches and quaint, charming towns with delish food and fun shopping! We've spent some good times there as well this Summer...Coast or Lakeside in Michigan, this family loves the water and sand! And with any luck we still have a few good beach days left!


pink green & southern said...

I am soooo sad that our beach days are coming to a close here too. Maybe we will get a few more visits...

Gindy said...

Great pic of You and Brian!!! I think this one is a framer too!!! It was so much fun catching up with you today, looking forward to our play date next week.

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