Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sunday...Friday's Post are you? Happy Friday!!! It is FINALLY nice here - just for the moment, 60's, sunny and the doors are open, I can hear the birds, praise God! My memory card is fry -ed, thus the lack of posts/pics of late, we are keeping busy around here though, never fear. I have been busy planning a trip to Mexico over Springbreak and and all that entails...b/c I am a planner after all! Christian seems to of really "mastered the art of walking these last few weeks and of course you know what that means...he is one foot out the door already, as a sweet little girl reminded me last night, he is now a Toddler - I say "no, no" all day and seem to accomplish nothing but trailing behind him, picking up mess after mess - straws and toilet paper are personal faves! Campbell is doing great in school and has a new found love for basketball - especially ND BB - go Irish. It's fun to watch him embrace and learn all about something new. He continues to enjoy Flag Football and we are ready for Spring soccer to start soon too! Charlotte is sweet and patient and thoughtful...still loving ballet and Barbies and dollies, she is loving preschool and especially her friends and wonderful teacher. She brings so much joy to this family! I am working on Easter decorations, finishing-up our Disney scrapbook and cleaning much to do these coming weeks. Can't wait for Spring to arrive, it has been a LONG winter!

****UPDATE - Sunday...well, so much for Friday's weather - it is chilly today, pouring rain (all weekend) and we are now wondering if we should "chance" a trip to Mexico in light of recent news/warnings about travelling to Mexico...what would you do?


jhilary said...

I know what you mean with the weather. I am ready for some sunshine too. I just can't run on the treadmill one more time.

We have planned a trip for Spring Break to Punta Cana. We started off thinking Mexico and changed. Honestly, I think as long as you are at the resorts, you are probably fine. See what your travel agent thinks. Our agent just got back from Mexico today. I will let you know what she has to say. We need to call her tomorrow. Have a great Sunday!

Shannon said...

Hey! Darlene is just a blog that I read. I'm not sure how she had a discount code but it expired Feb 28th. :(

Susan said...

The book is about reconnecting with your spouse. It has a biblical view on marriage on every subject, including s@x! So far it is really interesting what this couple has gone through and they are still so committed to each other. I will keep you posted:) Have a great night!

Jessica said...

I left you a KREATIV "award." Check it out on my website:)

Landlocked Mermaid said...

Oh that weather is yummy. I loved your comment!! I wish you were there with us. it was fun. mexico with the kiddies sounds sooo fun.. and warm!! xo

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