Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A List...

My Week Ahead (in list): ( I LOVE lists, its how I live my life -)

"tidy" before tammy comes to clean (yea!!!! for me!!!)

get gas for the grill

start outside spring clean-up (yard/screen porch/patio/garage)

paint & sand mudroom shelves

write thank yous - elizabeth and lissa
help w/ march to the arts at school (wed.)

new shoes - christian and charlotte

gather springbreak clothes and start to "pile" - see who needs what?!

tackle closets/drawers

wrap sweet maragux's bday gift

buy flowers


bryan travels this week so hopefully i will still be able to tackle my list w/ out any derailment - the kids have a busy week too: ballet, playdate, flag football, field trip, march to the arts (school-wide art show), pizza w/friends prior to a trip to the notre dame planetarium, a birthday party and then the usual - school, speech therapy and lots of outdoor time - high 60"s this week AND sun, what is sun?! have a great week...and treat yourselves to some spring flowers - you deserve it! xoxox

until next time my friends -

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pink green & southern said...

Oh, I LOVE lists too and my hubby is also traveling this week so I hope we both get lots done!

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