Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Monday, April 23, 2012

Birthday Pics

Just wanted to share a few pics from Bryan's small birthday celebration...
we had literally driven 20+ hours from Florida and were just back (same day) so, we kept things simple with just a family dinner!

Picking up on the black from his balloon, I used my black&white toile plates, a b&w baby picture of the birthday boy as well as an old  letter "B"....

 Freshly cut Lilacs from our yard - my favorite!

 and...Bryan's favorite...
homemade chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream frosting

 He loves Blowpops and bubblegum...perfect for this little label I found on Pinterest! 
The kids loved it ...(I don't think they got the "blows" in the sense of its silly meaning though)

I tried to keep the gifts focused on Bryan's last 40 years if you will...
A scrapbook made with his many, many, many ribbons, awards, medals and pictures from his childhoods swim career...this was truly a labor love but I hated to see so much goodness boxed up...I couldn't take it anymore!  :)

and the highlight...a blanket made of all his old tees...HS and College mostly - he LOVED it!  It turned out so cute...I found a lady on and sent her what I wanted included, she was fast and great to work with...he snuggles up with it every night!  He has also enjoyed telling the kids all the stories that go with the blanket...a great gift!

Happy Birthday
to the greatest father, husband and man ever born
...we love you so!


PartyofFive said...

Fun! Awesome gifts...I will have to check out both of those next time I'm over :)

Jenica Cory said...

Love the quilt idea. Several years ago I gathered a ton of old tshirts from both Dan and I and cut them out into 12x12 squares. That's as far as I got! Ha. Maybe one day...

visio 2010 sale said...
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