Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blog Help?

(and just because we need a happy picture!)

OK, Blog professionals...I need some help.  It seems everyday or so I have a new "Follower"...which is quite exciting ...until I look and see who it might be...apparently, I am attracting lots of men with foreign names that I cant pronounce and who clearly are not visiting my blog to read about my sweet family...?!  Any idea where they are coming from and how it works?  I am assuming because my blog name starts with an "A" that maybe it is some automated thing or something?  Anyway, its no bother other than its weird and creepy and I am posting about my kids (with pics!)...I am "blocking" them but is there a way to remove them all together?  Any thoughts?  Thanks for your help - it is just very strange and has only started happening in the last few months...?!


Susan said...

I have had these guys as well...I actually took off the "follower" widget so I don't know who follows me now... I think the only way you can stop this is by making your blog private and "by invitation only" ... let me know if there is another way:))

jo-ann said...

Hi, I found your blog by clicking on the "next blog" found at the top of the blog! I enjoy looking at other blogs for inspiration.

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