Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Monday, July 27, 2009


Bryan and I travelled to Indy last week...not really a "pleasure" trip at all but we were able to squeeze in some fun of the highlights was having dinner with an old friend from Atlanta, Tiffany. She has moved back (Atlanta-Indy) recently and it was so muchto see each other after almost 6years! We dined at a really cute spot called Meridian, set amongst the historic neighborhood homes on Meridian Street, we talked and talked and talked...poor Bryan he hardly got a word in, he was a good sport though. We had a great bottle of wine and a delish dinner, and laughed alot which is exactly what I needed. Friends old and new are such a blessing!

Bryan and I also got to enjoy 2 nights away, some great food and great shopping, we even picked-up a few Christmas gifts, can you stand it...?! I SWEAR I am going to be ultra-organized this year...! ha, ha, we'll see!) Speaking of Chrsitmas can you believe its all out at Hobby Lobby? Charlotte and I spent close to an hour looking at all ornaments pink and sparkly! She wants an all ballet/Princess tree in her room this year...I mean can we get to Labor day first?!...Summer is flying by...hope you are having happy days, am I the only one who started Christmas shopping?


Gindy said...

What a great pic of you two. You look great!!!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Wish I had some great thrift shops to recommend to you in Cincinnati...I am from there but I didn't get too into the thrift thing until I moved...bummer! Have a great weekend though! :)

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