Baby Makes 5

Baby Makes 5

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yum, Yum!

These are so yum and are my kids new fav snack - all fruit, organic, ropes...Each "rope" is one serving of fruit. My kids beg me for fruit snacks but I rarely ever buy them (maybe 4 times a year)...they are just full of junk, so I just found these recently and they are so happy - they feel like they are still getting a "fruit snack" and I know they are really getting a "fruit snack", do you have a fav snack to share? For kids or tell!

PS- No threat of Salmonella with these babies either, phew!!


pink green & southern said...

I need to find those near me--Pinkie adores fruit snacks, but real fruit not so much!!! This is like killing two birds with one stone!

Twice as Nice said...

Where can you buy these? My son (now 13) has never liked fruit. This would be a great way to get him to eat it!

Future Mrs. H said...

Is it weird that I keep a tube of Graduate Puffs in my desk at work?? I love the Sweet Potato flavor, haha.

Midwest Mama said...

My girls love them too! They can be kind of pricey though. Have you tried the kids clif bars? They are a huge hit with my girls. Great snack!

Maureen said...

That's great... I will have to keep a look out for them.

Gindy said...

All the cliff kids treats are so yummy and healthy. We love them too!!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

These are wonderful! My husband actually works for Clif Bar, and we of course love their products. Have you ever tried the "Z Bar"? It is an organic Clif Bar just for kids. My daughter loves them, great source of fiber, all natural, etc. So good! If people can't find them in the traditional grocery store, you can always look at one of the natural food markets like Whole Foods or Sunflower. My husband says that Kroger carries them, if you have Kroger in your area. He also says you can email me if you don't know where to find them, and he could look up your area and see who carries them. :)

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